About Us

First of all, thanks for visiting this blog!  Saving money is a passion of mine.  To better illustrate this, let’s rewind to when this all began.  It was 1988 and my parents had just moved into their first house.   Money was extremely tight so there was no extra room for frivolities since we couldn’t even afford air conditioning the first year.  Then there was me, a petite little four year old that wanted nothing more than a brand-new shiny swing-set in our wide-open backyard so that I could play on it with all of my neighborhood friends.


Yup, that’s me.  Now my parents could have easily told me no, let me throw the standard disappointed toddler tantrum, and then just play with my friends in their backyards.  My parents took a different approach.  They told me that while they didn’t have the means to purchase this, if I could earn the money then I could buy it for myself.  We settled on something that would be fairly simple to do and my parents could monitor me and ensure i didn’t injure myself: crushing and recycling aluminum cans.  For one year, I would walk around to my neighbor’s houses in the cul-de-sac asking for any aluminum cans they would give me.  My dad collected them from his office and my mom from hers.  I would sit out in the garage, with my little plastic hand-operated can crusher and crush cans into black plastic garbage bags.

At the end of it all, my dad told me that I had earned enough to buy myself a swing-set.  In sheer delight I leaped into our minivan and we set course for the toy store.  As I looked up at all of the swing-sets that dangled above me, I pointed to a rather modest set that had 2 swings and asked if I could afford that one.  My dad nodded with approval, but then asked me if I would rather have the one a bit further down.  It was the mother of all backyard swing-sets.  Fully decked out with a slide, a glider, 2 swings, and a rocker.  My eyes widened with anticipation.  “I can afford that one?”  I loved that swing set until it completely rusted to pieces decades later.  I had worked so hard for that swing-set and all of that hard work paid off.  Each can was worth a very nominal amount on its own, but together they all added up to nearly 100 dollars: more money than a 5 year old could ever dream of.

That is the ultimate premise of a drop in a bucket.  I still enjoy finding ways to help others save money and budget and I love sharing knowledge with others so that they can achieve and gain benefit as well.  This blog is intended to share the knowledge that I have learned over the years and hopefully help you find the same opportunities.  A drop in a bucket doesn’t seem like much, but over time many drops will eventually fill the pail.