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This isn’t meant to be a work from home website that advertises making 10,000 dollars a week for doing virtually nothing.  If it were that easy, everyone would do it.  Many of those sites end up being schemes or something that you buy into to learn some key piece of knowledge that you have no idea how to apply.   You buy a tutorial from them, they bought it from someone else, etc.  Sure, there are things out there that people can make money doing, like affiliate marketing, data entry, etc.  The earning money section of the blog is intended to find those minor opportunities to earn money back for doing nominal work or just going about your daily life.

To clarify again, these aren’t going to be major earners, actions that will get you hundreds of dollars in one sitting.  But over time, they can get you a few dollars here and there, perhaps enough to get a DVD/Blu-Ray you’ve been eyeing that wasn’t in your budget, or maybe get a free tank of gas.  It’s about the long-term.  If you can make on average, 20 dollars a month using methods you find here, you’ll make $240 dollars by the end of the year.  That can go towards a vacation fund or paying down debts.  Just remember, a drop in a bucket doesn’t seem like much, but many drops will eventually fill the pail.

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