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Saving money can be very challenging at times.  Have you ever noticed that there are oodles and oodles of ways to spend money?  When was the last time that you saw a commercial that encouraged us to save money, invest in a 401K, or maybe invest in stocks.  According to modern society and nearly every consumer advertisement, we need everything and we deserve everything in instant gratification style.  Even if we can’t afford it, we can still probably justify some reason why we should purchase it now rather than wait.  Now I’m not saying that is isn’t nice to get nice things.  It’s awesome to take a really nice vacation, upgrade electronics, or get a new car, but sometimes life dictates that we need to prepare more for the future rather than enjoy the present.  The good news is that the ability to do both is possible.

The common belief is that savings must be in large quantity in order to matter.  To save 100 dollars is a great deal, but to save 2-3 dollars is not.  If you could save 2-3 dollars per week in just spending habits alone, that’s still an extra 100-150 dollars a year.  For some, that can be the make-or-break point regarding their finances.  There are two key ways to save: either cut back spending on certain items and categories or make an upfront purchase that will save money in the long run.  As you explore our ideas to save and earn money, please contact us if you have any ideas we haven’t covered yet and we’ll do a write up on them.  And remember, a drop in a bucket doesn’t seem like much, but many drops will eventually fill the pail.

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