‘Tis the Season of Savings

Ah, Black Friday, where urban camping becomes reality.


Me?  I prefer to leave camping to the wilderness and waking me up anytime before 5 will result in a series of unfortunate events.  There are some people out there that prefer the thrill of leap-frogging from store to store and having a game plan more meticulous than Thanksgiving dinner prep.  My hat’s off to you.  If you can be the first into a store for some of those limited quantity items, you can certainly get them for a steal. (Though I think lining up 22 days in advance is a bit much)

Black Friday Shoppers at Target

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That being said, being physically present at stores isn’t really a necessity anymore.  Sure, there are still a couple of in-store only deals, but many stores are putting the majority of their Black Friday deals online (usually while quantities last) and there is the ever growing presence of Cyber Monday.   This makes it way more convenient for those of us that want to cash in on deep discounts and free shipping from our favorite retailers and don’t want to get out of our PJ’s to do it. Since this can be one of the best couple of days of the entire year to get the most bang for your buck, how can you take advantage of the best deals?

  • Check out our most recent article on product price trending and alerts.  Camelcamelcamel can keep watch on the prices and alert you when they drop.  You can also use this to check price history and see if the “doorbuster deals” are actually great deals, or they simply marked up retail prices that are then put on sale to look like it’s a great deal.
  • Second, start browsing which Black Friday deals are worth participating in ahead of time.  There are a couple of websites that scan in every major retailer’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads and you can cross compare some of the ad deals.
  • Make sure that those good deals are on well-rated products.  Don’t buy a laptop just because it’s a “great deal” only to find out the most reviewers have given it 1 out of 5 stars.  Use those ads to do research on the items you are thinking about purchasing and ensure that the deal that you get is for a worthy product.
  • Know what you are looking for.  Make that game plan and turn blinders on to all of the other “deals”. Black Friday can provide huge savings for Christmas shopping, future birthdays, or any other future purchases (i.e. replacing that fridge that keeps thawing foods or the sock eating dryer). However, one of the biggest traps can be to see that killer deal that you don’t feel you can pass up and then spending an unanticipated extra 400 dollars and nullifying any Black Friday savings.

Hopefully these tips can help get you a great deal on a quality product and help save you money on something you were planning to purchase anyways.

Remember, a drop in a bucket doesn’t seem like much, but many drops will eventually fill the pail.

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